We offer our customers a wide range of animal processed proteins and fat blends. Our products are of top quality, tailored to specific requirements, and we strive to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Processed animal proteins

Our products are distinguished by top-notch quality, high traceability, and environmentally friendly production processes. Our excellence in business is confirmed by longstanding collaborations with companies leading in the production of pet food and the fertilizer industry.

We can prepare and customize the composition of processed animal proteins according to individual specifications and customer requirements. We provide all the necessary professional support, timeliness, responsiveness, and adaptability in the process.

KOTO predelava mesno kosten moke
KOTO maščobni terminal


At KOTO company, we offer a wide range of animal fats, vegetable oils, and fat blends suitable for animal nutrition.

We take pride in our own fat terminal, where we store vegetable and animal fats and prepare customized fat blends according to our customers’ preferences and needs.

Our excellence is confirmed by both environmental and quality standards, as well as longstanding partnerships with numerous domestic and international companies.


Used cooking oils

At KOTO company, we purchase used cooking oils generated in the hospitality sector, crafts, industry, educational and healthcare institutions, and other service activities.

We process these oils into an attractive market product for biodiesel producers.

From one liter of oil, we obtain 90% biodiesel – an eco-friendly fuel that does not pollute the environment.

KOTO kože


KOTO company collects and sells only fresh hides. The processing of raw hides dates back to the beginning of our operations in 1947. Decades of experience and loyal and satisfied customers to this day confirm our excellence.

We are present in numerous European and Asian markets, covering sectors such as leather goods, footwear, clothing, furniture, and automotive industries.

As a sustainably-oriented company, we strive to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Therefore, we minimize the use of salt and the resulting emissions into the air during our work processes.



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