Animal by-products (ABPs) can be whole bodies or parts of animals, products of animal origin, or other products derived from animals that are not intended for human consumption. They are generated during the slaughter or death of animals or during the processing of products of animal origin. If these products are improperly used or disposed of, they can pose a risk to human and animal health as well as the environment. Therefore, regulations for handling them are prescribed by both European Union legislation and Slovenian legislation.

Animal by-products categories 1, 2, and 3

In Slovenia, more than 150 tons of animal waste are generated daily. At KOTO, we ensure their safe collection and proper processing, eliminating any potential hazards to the environment.

We categorize them into three categories based on the level of risk to public and animal health:

  • Animal by-products category 1
  • Animal by-products category 2
  • Animal by-products category 3

Animal by-products Category 1

Animal by-products Category 1 (ABP C1) are substances that contain potentially risky material. Therefore, we process them and deliver the resulting products to collectors who dispose of the waste through incineration in a suitable facility. ABP C1 typically includes animals that are infected or suspected to be infected or contain unauthorized substances that act as hazardous pollutants to the environment. It also encompasses pet carcasses, animals from zoos, and catering waste generated in international traffic.

Animal by-products Category 2

Animal by-products Category 2 (ABP C2) also consist of substances that may contain risky material. This category includes dead animals, contents of the digestive tract of animals, floaters, spoiled meat, and feces, among others. Similar to ABP C1, ABP C2 is processed accordingly.

Animal by-products Category 3

ABP C3 comprises edible substances of animal origin, which are often discarded by humans for commercial reasons. Examples include animal parts such as skins, hooves, claws, horns, pig bristles, bird feathers, and blood, as well as surplus products from the food processing industry, eggs, milk, fish, etc. Through appropriate treatment, ABP C3 yields raw materials that are suitable for pet food, fertilizer industry, and often find applications in technical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.


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Collection of animal by-products

Collection of animal by-products (APB) requires prompt and proper handling due to their composition. Proper management of APBs of all categories is of utmost importance. In KOTO, we have been taking care of this area for many years. We ensure safe collection and appropriate processing of APBs, so that they no longer pose a threat to the environment.

With a modern fleet of vehicles, we ensure swift collection and removal of APBs from slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities throughout Slovenia. Throughout the process, we provide professional support and assistance – from arranging the necessary documentation to organizing collection and processing, as well as cost optimization.

Our strengths lie in our years of experience, expertise, and long-term collaboration with numerous Slovenian slaughterhouses, meat processing facilities, cooperatives, farms, retailers, and individuals.

Collection of Category 1 and Category 2 animal by-products

Proper handling of Category 1 (C1) and Category 2 (C2) Animal By-Products (ABP) is of utmost importance, which is why our country has organized the collection and processing of these products by granting a concession that transfers its obligation to the concessionaire. Therefore, all producers of ABP in Slovenia must deliver C1 and C2 ABP to an authorized processor. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia awarded the concession to our company, KOTO d.o.o., on July 1, 2022. All information regarding the delivery of C1 and C2 ABP is available in the Instructions and Information for Users of the public service.


Services in the field of Animal By-Products

With our modern fleet of vehicles, we ensure fast collection and transportation of Animal By-Products (ABP) from slaughterhouses and meat processing plants throughout Slovenia. Throughout the entire process, we provide expert support and assistance, from arranging the necessary documentation to organizing the collection, processing, and cost optimization.

To schedule ABP collection, please contact us at or call +386 1 587 8141. We tailor the method of collection and transportation to each customer individually, based on their specific needs and work processes. If you are not yet part of our organized collection system, please call us at +386 1 587 8 210.

Together, we will find the best solution that suits your requirements.

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