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Sustainability – An Important Value of KOTO Company

Sustainability is one of the four values of our company. Within sustainability, we commit to environmental and social responsibility. Through ecological integrity, renewable resources, circular economy, developmental orientation, tradition, and efficient energy use, we ensure a clean and safe future for the upcoming generations. However, to remain successful in the market, we must continue to pursue and enhance our sustainable goals. Sustainable performance equally emphasizes social, environmental, and economic success, all of which lead to the financial prosperity of the company.

Sustainable Business Strategy of KOTO Company

Currently, we are preparing a Sustainable Business Strategy (SBS) for the period 2024-2030, which will encompass all three aspects: social, environmental, and economic.


Sustainable Development

We incorporate the principles of sustainable development into all business processes.

We are committed to seeking new, innovative, and sustainable solutions that reduce negative impacts on nature and contribute to environmental preservation.

We are participating in an EU project for the processing of food waste into soil improvers.

KOTO Company is one of the 28 partners from Europe collaborating in the project “Turning food waste into sustainable soil improvers for better soil health and improved food systems – Waste4Soil.” The project’s theme aligns with the strategic directions of our company, including the development of soil improvers or fertilizers from digestate (a by-product of anaerobic waste treatment) based on food waste.

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KOTO Company is entering the field of insect bioconversion.

Insect bioconversion is a technology that involves breeding and processing insects to convert organic waste into useful products such as animal feed, fertilizer, and other high-value products. While still relatively unknown in Slovenia, it is already being developed abroad. Therefore, KOTO Company has partnered with the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana this year to establish a student development and research project to assess the potential of insect breeding and production in Slovenia.

Processing biodegradable waste in our own biogas plant.

KOTO Company is the sole collector of restaurant waste with our own biogas plant, where we process your restaurant waste using clean and environmentally friendly technology.