Wastewaters generated in urban areas and individual industrial processes can contain various hazardous substances. These substances have a negative impact on land use and the quality of groundwater. At KOTO company, we provide a comprehensive solution for handling sludge, slurry, and other residues generated in wastewater treatment plants in public utilities and industries.

Services in the field of wastewater treatment plant residuals:

  • Professional consulting and assistance in planning
  • Arrangement of necessary documentation and records
  • Installation of containers at the client’s location
  • Prompt responsiveness and flexibility in waste collection
  • Environmentally friendly processing of waste in accordance with relevant legislation
  • Cost optimization in waste management
  • Support and assistance throughout the service implementation process.
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We take care of the collection, transportation, and proper processing of the following types of waste:

  • Dehydrated sludge,
  • Residues on rakes and screens,
  • Waste from grease traps.

The advantages of KOTO company in the field of handling wastewater treatment plant residuals are:

  • Expertly trained team with years of experience in waste management.
  • Weighing of waste on an officially certified scale.
  • Our own modern fleet of vehicles, located in Ljubljana, enables quick responsiveness and flexibility for our customers.
  • Responsible and sustainable waste management practices.

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Uroš Breskvar

Product manager

Collection of waste from municipal and biological wastewater treatment plants

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