For a clean and secure future

At KOTO, we are committed to the principles of sustainable development and base our operations on environmentally friendly technologies. In our efforts to ensure a clean and safe future for our planet, we adhere to the highest environmental and veterinary standards. Through an innovative approach and technologically advanced processes, we efficiently utilize resources, energy, and waste, thus promoting activities that add significant value to Slovenia’s circular economy.

With our services, innovative approach, and export orientation, we are also strengthening our position in the international arena.

KOTO poslanstvo

Our mission

With an innovative approach and environmentally friendly solutions:

  • We increase the added value of raw materials.
  • We reduce unwanted impacts on the environment.
  • We are the first and best choice for our business partners, putting them at the center of our operations and business development.

Environmental responsibility, expertise, and the dedication of our employees will continue to be crucial in ensuring successful operations and the realization of the company’s vision in the future.

KOTO vizija

Our vision

With innovative and sustainable solutions, we aim to:

  • Continue contributing to the preservation of a clean environment and the protection of human and animal health.
  • Increase the value of animal by-products and other organic waste materials.
  • Strengthen our position in the international arena.
  • Consolidate our role in the circular economy.
  • Make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of society as a whole.
KOTO vrednote

Our values

In pursuing our vision and mission, we place the following values at the core of our daily operations:

  • Sustainability,
  • Professionalism,
  • Innovation, and
  • Perseverance in achieving our set objectives.

Moreover, we are distinguished by courage, mutual respect, and ethical conduct in our business practices and towards the environment.