In KOTO company, we offer various categories of bovine hides, which we sort according to customers' requirements, including the type of hides based on the origin of the raw materials, weight categories, and hide color.


From the collection of hides to the final product

The collection of hides takes place in the field. In the warehouse, the hides are then trimmed and classified according to the type of cattle, color, and quality of the hide. This is followed by cooling and preparing the hides for shipment to the final consumer. The system is computer-supported, ensuring traceability of the hides from collection to the end customer.

Our main customers are tanneries in the European Union, for whom hides are a primary raw material for leather processing. The majority of the hides are destined for the automotive industry, while the rest are used in the footwear and leather goods industry.


The hides we offer

In KOTO, we offer calf and bovine hides, and in smaller quantities, salted cattle head hides. The majority of animals from which we obtain the hides are raised in barns.

The cattle hides we provide come from various breeds, with the predominant ones being black-and-white cattle, brown cattle, spotted cattle, as well as Limousin, Montbeliard, and Charolais cattle.

Contact persons

Robert Pavšek

Head of department

Distribution of salt treated and fresh raw hides