We offer a wide range of animal fats, vegetable oils, and fat blends that are suitable for the production of pet food as well as for use in the chemical sector and the production of biofuels.


We take pride in our own fat terminal, where we store vegetable and animal fats and prepare customized fat blends according to our customers’ preferences and needs.

Our excellence is confirmed by both environmental and quality standards, as well as longstanding partnerships with numerous domestic and international companies.

The fats are suitable for use in the production of pet food, the chemical sector, and the production of biofuels.

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Services in the field of fats

We provide customers with a comprehensive solution for ordering, shipping, and delivery. We ensure professional support, timeliness, responsiveness, and adaptability throughout the process.

To receive a quote or make an inquiry, please give us a call or send us your request. Together, we will find the solution that best suits your needs.


E1A4651 K1

Animal fat CAT 1

E1A4654 K3

Animal Fat CAT 3

E1A4663 SV

Melted pork fat

E1A4658 loj

Melted beef tallow

E1A4674 OJO

Mixture of animal fats and vegetable oils

E1A4648 palma

Palm oil

E1A4669 SOJA

Crude soybean oil


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