For a clean and safe future since 1947

"For a clean and safe future" is the slogan through which KOTO company commits to a lasting concern for a clean and safe future..

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Sustainability - An Important Value of KOTO Company

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is one of the four values of our company. Within sustainability, we commit to environmental and social responsibility. Through ecological integrity, renewable resources, circular economy, developmental orientation, tradition, and efficient energy use, we ensure a clean and safe future for the upcoming generations. However, to remain successful in the market, we must continue to pursue and enhance our sustainable goals. Sustainable performance equally emphasizes social, environmental, and economic success, all of which lead to the financial prosperity of the company.


Provision of Public Service - Implementation


Provision of Economic Public Service for Handling Category 1 and 2 Animal By-Products.

Anita Čolić,

Human resources specialist

As a member of the human resources department, I take pride in dedicating myself to the development and education of our team. We are aware that systematic and regular training enriches our knowledge and enables us to achieve our goals more effectively. In our department, we passionately and professionally foster a positive work environment that encourages teamwork and creativity. We are committed to the goal of creating a strong and motivated team that contributes to the company's success and builds a clean and safe future.

Mojca Trampuš,

Head of Marketing and Communications

In our company, we believe that a supportive work environment and culture are key components of success. We care for our employees and their well-being, as we believe that satisfied and motivated individuals are the foundation of our sustainable business.

Lea Lavrič, vodja razvojno projektne pisarne KOTO

dr. Lea Lavrič,

Head of the Development Project Office

The role of development is to introduce new sustainable technologies or processes, as well as products and services that align with the strategic goals of the company and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society. By pursuing these objectives, we ensure the development and growth of the company in an extremely dynamic business environment. In our developmental work, we professionally connect innovative solutions with existing processes. We collaborate extensively with partners and actively participate in national and European research and development projects.

Igor Triplat, direktor logistike KOTO

Igor Triplat Bunjevac,

Director of Logistics

In the food sector, we must operate in a simple, efficient, timely, and reliable manner. Executing logistics operations and utilizing the latest transport equipment ensures reliable functioning and complete control over the entire supply chain. This indirectly impacts the satisfaction of our employees - drivers, who are the first reflection of KOTO and play a significant role in delivering an excellent user experience to the end customer.

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10. 7. 2023

We are participating in an EU project for the processing of food waste into soil improvers

KOTO Company is one of 28 partners from Europe participating in the project “Turning food waste into sustainable soil improvers for better soil health and improved food systems – Waste4Soil.”…

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4. 2. 2022

KOTO awarded Golden Creditworthiness Excellence again

The Golden Creditworthiness Excellence Award confirms that KOTO is a reliable company KOTO was awarded the Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness 2021 by the company Dun & Bradstreet Slovenija.…

24. 11. 2021

KOTO has agreed to cooperate with the company Energetika Ljubljana in the field of biomethane production

KOTO, is preparing for the production of biomethane. Currently, we produce biogas from biodegradable waste in our own biogas plant, which is then used to produce green electricity and heat.…


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