With our own fleet of vehicles and the expertise of our employees, we take care of the entire process, which includes the collection, processing, and sale of raw hides.

The processing of raw hides at KOTO company

Preserving and enhancing the natural properties of raw materials from the Central European region is the traditional and oldest activity of KOTO company. The processing of raw hides dates back to the beginning of our operations in 1947. Decades of experience and loyal, satisfied customers until the present day confirm our excellence.

We are present in numerous European and Asian markets, catering to the accessories, footwear, apparel, furniture, and automotive industries. With our long-standing experience, expertise, and adaptability, we embrace daily challenges and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We strive for long-term partnerships based on trust, quality, and professionalism.


Services in the field of raw hides

Services in the field of hides provided by KOTO company:

  1. Collection and transportation of fresh hides throughout Slovenia using our vehicles.
  2. Quality control and sorting.
  3. High-quality processing.
  4. Storage in appropriately refrigerated chambers.
  5. Final quality inspection before shipment.
  6. Sale of raw hides.
  7. Assistance and advice in selecting the appropriate category of hides.
  8. Support in organizing transportation and delivery.

We process various categories of bovine and calf hides.

Contact persons

Robert Pavšek

Head of the department

Distribution of salt treated and fresh raw hides

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