We provide comprehensive solutions for handling animal by-products, biological waste, and catering waste. Our services include the collection and processing of raw animal skins, as well as comprehensive waste management solutions for sludge, residues, and other waste generated by public sewage treatment plants and industrial facilities. As a reliable partner, we offer expertise, a diverse range of services, and a personalized approach to ensure suitable solutions for our clients' needs.

Animal by-products

Animal by-products (ABPs) are generated during the slaughter or death of animals or during the processing of products of animal origin.

In Slovenia, more than 150 tons of animal waste are produced daily. At KOTO, we ensure their safe collection and proper processing, so they no longer pose a threat to the environment.

KOTO skladišče surovih kož


Preserving and enhancing the natural properties of raw materials from Central European region is the traditional and oldest activity of KOTO company.

In fact, the processing of raw hides dates back to the beginning of our operations in 1947.

Decades of experience and loyal, satisfied customers until the present day confirm our excellence.


Biodegradable waste

Organic waste, used cooking oils, and fats present a significant environmental burden, and handling them can be challenging.

We collect used cooking oils and fats and process them in accordance with sustainable principles to produce a product used by leading biodiesel manufacturers in Europe.

KOTO biorazgradljivi odpadki
KOTO čistilna naprava

Wastewater treatment plant residuals

Wastewaters generated in urban areas (municipal wastewater) and individual industrial processes (cooling water, industrial wastewater) are of a complex nature and may contain various hazardous substances. It is necessary to remove and properly treat these substances to eliminate environmental risks.

At KOTO company, we provide a comprehensive solution for handling sludge, slurry, and other residues generated in wastewater treatment plants in public utilities and industries.


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