Used cooking oils belong to used but not spent substances, as they still have value in the market. In KOTO company, we collect used cooking oils and process them into a commercially attractive product for biodiesel manufacturers.

Collection and processing of waste cooking oil.

The properties of waste cooking oils allow us to reuse them. We process the collected waste oil into an attractive marketing product for biodiesel producers. From one liter of oil, we obtain 90% biodiesel – an environmentally friendly fuel that does not pollute the environment. Our excellence is confirmed by years of cooperation with leading biofuel producers in Europe.

We buy and process waste cooking oils and fats generated in:

  • Catering industry,
  • Craft and industry,
  • Educational and health institutions, and
  • Other service activities.

Services in the field of waste oils.

  • Purchase and collection of waste oils and fats,
  • Proper processing in accordance with regulations,
  • Consulting and assistance with documentation arrangements,
  • Storage,
  • Production and sale of high-quality products in line with the sustainable principles of the ISCC-EU standard.

We accept oils and fats in liquid or semi-liquid state, solid state, and various types of packaging.

At our location in Ljubljana Zalog, we also accept smaller quantities of oil from household kitchens.